Paintings and Illustrations

I’ve loved Brookgreen Gardens ever since my husband and I first visited in 2000 while on our honeymoon.  We had a chance to show our kids during a trip in 2019, and, of course, I took *loads* of photos while I was there.  Everything is just so beautiful.  I’ve done a few drawings/paintings from pictures on that trip, including a gorgeous dragonfly, and one of the huge Lubber grasshoppers.  Having recently gotten back into watercolors, and really trying to hone my skills, I asked my daughter to choose on of the statue photos so that I could work on my light and shadow and tone on tone skills.  She chose a photo of what we now refer to as “Jacked Baby Poseidon” (seriously…what toddler has musclese that big and defined?! LOL)  I thought it was was Poseidon based on the hair, but doing a little more digging it’s actually “Neptune” sculpted by Wheeler Williams. My first attempt was *meh* at best, but truth be told, he ended up looking like Elmer Fudd doing a Poseidon impersonation in a Loony Tunes episode.  While it still has technical issues, for sure, the second attempt went much better. I do feel like it was successful as an exercise.  I will probably figure out how to do better vines, ferns and dead leaves next.

Project Images

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