Paintings and Illustrations

The Office is a much beloved show in our household.  We’e watched through the series at least twice (I think it’s more like three times, at this point), and just never get tired of Michael Scott’s cringeworthy, but sincere, lack of self-awareness, Jim and Pam’s love story, as well as all the other fabulous characters.  I decided that I couldn’t really choose an actual character to take center stage, so I decided to focus on object…in this case the bobblehead that Jim had made for Dwight, and, of course, some of the best quotes from the show (“that’s what SHE said!”).  Because Dwight’s bobblehead was center stage, I decided to fill the lower portion with Dwight quotes. I also decided to put the ENTIRE title of that ridiculous 5K for rabies along the edge.  And after several failed attempts, I realized it really would need to take up the entire outside edge. LOL

Prints of this work are available in my Etsy shop: JBrookeChaoDesigns.

Project Images

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