Logo Design

I’ve done work with Rick Tino off an on since my days at Blue Fish Design Studio.  Recently he asked me to help restore his website after a mishap with his hosting provider.  I got it up and running, but since the website was built in the early 2000s, it was in desperate need of an update.  After discovering his hosting provider wouldn’t update his server to anything past PHP 5.x without a costly hosting package upgrade, we moved him to IONOS/1and1 and built him a beautiful new responsive website.  While I was at it, I designed him a logo, since his previous “logo” was just some script text embedded in slideshow photos.  I wanted the logo to capture the feel of his shop, which features some really whimsical and fun art.  He chose the purple and bright lime green because those are the colors on his storefront signage.

Project Images

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