Weiler Orthodontics - Tear off Referral Sheets | Harrisonburg, VA

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Weiler Orthodontics - Tear off Referral Sheets

Harrisonburg, VA

Whenever I start to wonder if I’ve done a good job of search engine optimization on my site, I get confirmation in the form of a potential client contacting me through the website.  Weiler Orthodontics is one of those clients.

Dr. Weiler contacted me to let me know he’d found my site, liked my design style and wanted to know if I could design a half-sheet flyer for him.  The flyer was designed to serve two purposes…to advertise the orthodontics practice, as well as to provide an easy way for local dental practices to refer potential patients to Dr. Weiler.

Dr. Weiler was super easy to work with, providing everything I needed, from high resolution photos and logos, to the exact wording he wanted. I took design cues from his branding, using the tree colors, as well as the leaf shape, in elements of the layout.  The design work also included a custom map that pares everything down to the bare essentials, in the way of roads and landmarks, making it easy for patients to find the practice.

After the design was completed, Dr. Weiler decided it might be better to have the flyers bound, like a notepad.  I researched which printers would offer that option, and opted for PrintPlace.com as the best option.  The end product is beautiful, compact, and really reflects Dr. Weiler’s personality and his brand, well.

To learn more about Weiler Orthodontics, visit their website: http://www.weilerorthodontics.com

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