VIP Scooters - Custom Minimalist Portraits | Harrisonburg, VA

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VIP Scooters - Custom Minimalist Portraits

Harrisonburg, VA

I was contacted by the owners of VIP Scooters about two custom avatars for them for use on the website they’re having built.  They provided photos of themselves, and I set about work.  These are the first full body portraits I’ve done, so they were a bit challenging - especially some of the details like her long hair and sneakers, and the plaid pattern on his tie.  The clients also opted for a few minor changes - like changing Wes’ shoes from tan/brown to grey.  I am happy with the results, and more importantly, so are Wes and Mariah.

Project Images

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Minimalist Portrait - Wes
Minimalist Portrait - Mariah
Comparison - Wes
Comparison - Mariah