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Mihret Medical Supply - Logo

Harrisonburg, VA

I was approached by Mark Smith about developing a logo and a website for their non-profit, Mihret Medical Supply Group.  Mark is a local veterinarian who has long been deeply involved in global missions.  He had partnered with some like-minded physicians with the idea to create a non-profit that would collect quality surplus medical items that could be donated hospitals, clinics and medical facilities in developing areas overseas, who would otherwise go without.  The name of the organization, “Mihret,” is the Ethiopian word for “mercy” and perfectly sums up their mission.  It’s also a deeply personal name as it is the name of one of the physicians’ children.  The head of the non-profit had purchased a stock image they wanted used as a starting place for the logo iconography.  They chose a heart and a dove to convey the ideas of love and peace. I made some changes to the colors as well as the placement of the dove, and which way the heart opened up.  This is the final project

I also designed their website.

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Iconography for Mihret Medical Supply logo
Mihret Medical Supply logo