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GIVIN - WordPress E-Commerce Website

Atlanta, GA

I met Genna Brown through another client/friend from the Atlanta, GA area.  Genna approached me about a unique idea she and a former student had for helping non-profits.  They wanted to create a site where people could donate goods and services to benefit designated 501c3 charities, allowing people to bid on those items, with the proceeds of the sales going to benefit the charity designated by the donor. We talked quite a bit about how she envisioned bidding and transactions working, how the items would be delivered, and how we wanted to take payment.  Through many months of trial and error, and going through test auctions, we were finally ready to launch.  GIVIN now has a site that allows donors to submit items, either choosing from a variety of non-profits, or suggesting a new one to add.  They can submit details about their item, and photos for us to publish on the site. I’ve enjoyed seeing the different kinds of items that come in as well as seeing them sell, and knowing that all of these items will benefit worthy causes.

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