Big Fish Cider Company - Rack Cards | Monterey, VA

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Big Fish Cider Company - Rack Cards

Monterey, VA

I have been maintaining the website for Big Fish Cider, Company, and have even created new versions of existing labels for their delicious product.  This was the first project where I was designing something entirely new for Kirk and his cidery.  He was running out of his old rack card and wanted to give it an update before ordering more.  The idea was not just to showcase the ciders, but to talk about Kirk’s history with cider making, as well as talking a bit about their two main lines of cider.

Kirk had done a simple mockup to give me an idea of what he was going for, which was tremendously helpful.  I took his cues on colors and layout, and then put my own creative touches on it to make it be more than just blocks of text and images.  I also helped edit the text to both help it flow, as well as paring it down. 

The biggest challenge was probably the map.  We needed it to fit on the card, but still be legible.  To that end, I ended up re-creating it, using a GoogleMap screenshot as a template.  I created my own map marker and highway/route signs.  I added text for the main landmark cities and towns around the location, and then traced the major routes.  The idea wasn’t to get people to Big Fish - GPS does a pretty good job of that, but to answer the question of “Where *is* Monterey, VA?” for folks.

The end result is something I think Kirk will be proud to display and send to potential customers.

To learn more about Kirk and his amazing ciders, visit

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Big Fish Cider - Rack Card