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Fit by Design Logo & Postcard Design

Glen Allen, VA

NOTE: This business has since closed and is no longer using this branding.

This was actually a two part project.  The first was to come up with the branding, and the second was to quickly come up with a printed take away for an upcoming event the client was attending.

The logo was the more challenging part.  We knew we’d be working with a palette of mostly shades of green and blue.  After several different iterations, we finally settled on the limeade, slate and teal color scheme.  The client is a registered nurse as well as a fitness trainer, and wanted to make sure that her logo represented not just fitness, but health and wellness, as well.  She had previously liked the idea of somehow combining a barbell, heartbeat and diamond, but none of the concepts she’d seen thus far were really doing it for her.  Finally, it occurred to me that instead of trying to combine 2 or 3 of the elements into one thematic element, it would make more sense to use them as separate icons, but instead of using the diamond as one of the icons, use the diamond as the shape of each icon and come up with a third icon image.  Since we had the fitness and medical/health angles covered, I decided on an apple since it would adequately convey the idea of healthy living and nutrition.  A few tweaks to the fonts and we were there!

The postcards were a last minute add on, and I have to say that came together quickly and effectively.  I incorporated her new branding and color scheme with her contact info and copy in a way that lets people know who she is, what she has to offer, and how they can contact her for more information.

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FitByDesign Logo
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