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People Places, Inc. - Custom ExpressionEngine Website

Staunton, VA

When Michael contacted me, People Places already had a fairly new, beautiful ExpressionEngine website.  They were looking to create a stand-alone website for the sale of their parenting and staff training materials, that would allow downloads of the materials after completion of a purchase. While they wanted the site to maintain some visual consistency with the branding and color scheme of main site, they didn’t want them to be clones of one another, so it needed to have some unique elements.  We stayed with ExpressionEngine, and I used the Zurb Foundation framework to make the site completely responsive. 

I took some cues from the original site’s color scheme, and added some twists on it, including some updated icons to represent each product.  For their cart system I chose the Expresso Store e-commerce platform.  Once a successful purchase is made, the customer has the ability to immediately download their purchase.  It also creates a user during checkout, so that they can log in at future dates, to view, and if necessary, re-download their purchase. They wanted the information on each product page to be condensed, so I utilized Foundation’s accordion layout, applying some creative touches to make it less utilitarian and more visually appealing.  That way the customer can see as much, or as little detail as they would like, economizing on page space. 

Finally, they wanted an interactive map of all the organizations, across the United States, and in Canada, that use the People Places training curricula. This was easily accomplished using the Google Maps for ExpressionEngine plugin, and it is also responsive.  The end result is a beautiful, eye catching, but extremely functional site that I am hoping will help this organization continue in their work of helping care for kids who needs homes, and, specifically, training the foster parents and staff that will be caring for them.

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People Places Training - Home Page
People Places Training - Parenting Skills Training Page
People Places Training - Interactive Map Page
People Places Training - Cart Page